Paula Burton

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Paula Burton’s world revolves around connecting the dots between business, technology, ideas, social impact and smart people to help solutions come to life.

She brings commercial and community groups together to create sustainable ways of doing business to create shared value. She is a passionate amplifier of the gender diversity issue in tech and can often be found up on stage sharing her research, experience and stories.

She has spoken at conferences such as Agile Australia, Link Festival, CTO Summit, AI Summit, LAST Conf and Future Assembly. She particularly loves facilitating panel discussions revolving around technology and diversity and was an integral part of bringing Random Hacks of Kindness to Australia from the US. Having run over 12 hack days, she is great at facilitating workshops and events of these kind.

She is transitioning from her “day-job” as a Principal at tech and innovation company DiUS, to being a founder at SciTech Mass Dynamics.

Paula also co-founded and runs Flying Robot School where we encourage students at regional schools to give drone-flying a go, and workshop how technology can be used to enhance the communities that they live within.

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