Jessica Reesby

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Jessica Reesby, 26, has accumulated over 22,000 followers on LinkedIn through sharing industry information and her story of her childhood which was impacted by domestic violence and poverty.

Jessica started Reesby IT Recruitment (focusing on female IT talent) at age 24, and now works with some of Australia’s largest organisations providing diversity to technology businesses.

She’s the Radio Co-Host on “Geeks Interrupted” 94.1fm and Founder of the Women in Cyber Security Gala with Kaspersky Lab and Hewlett Packard.

Jessica is available to speak on future technologies (including cryptocurrencies and AI), careers and how to reach the top, changing your mindset to bring success, inspirational and motivational speaking, inspiring young people on how to start their careers and advice to businesses on how to hire and retain females and it’s importance.

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