Cris Gladly

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Cris Gladly is a consultant, coach and speaker with a passion for positive human relationships. She provides audiences with a relatable, pragmatic, easy-to-understand Social & Emotional Intelligence ‘crash course’ that orients them to the fundamental psychology and neuroscience of ‘working well with others.’ She teaches simple-to-remember, effective tools for approaching workplace connection/communication in a more productive and inclusive way.

Cris has 20 years experience working with organisations, managers, and thought leaders in the tech, manufacturing, publishing, nonprofit, and higher education sectors and is known for conversational speaking style and her deeply-researched approach.

She has delivered talks, trainings and workshops in the U.S. and Australia for clients such as: Tyro Payments, MYOB, Girl Geek Sydney, Pragma, GGB, University of Central Florida, and more.

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