Ayten Ozenc

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Ayten is passionate about people, technology and change.

In her current role as the Executive General Manager, Global Head of Delivery and Engineering at Toll Group, Ayten is excited about driving impact at scale, solving problems, taking the less trodden path and bringing out the best in people. Ayten works collaboratively to build high performance teams, pioneer new ways of working and turn around problem areas.  She partners with businesses to shape and deliver solutions that realise business strategy.

Toll Group is undergoing a 3-year major global transformation and Ayten and her team are managing delivery to an IT transformation portfolio of over $400m, with 13 major programs and over 110 projects. Ayten has developed the IT Delivery and Engineering function over the past 2 years and has over 500 staff.

Ayten is also a champion and sponsor of women in the workplace, and her passion for gender diversity is reflected at Toll Group, how she runs her teams, and also in her role as the Deputy Chair for Vic ICT for Women.

Ayten has much experience in IT and have enjoyed sharing her work experiences across the country in various large-scale technology conferences recently like Trans-Tasman Business Circle, Gartner Symposium, PMI Conference and Women in Tech Fest 2018.

Ayten enjoys challenging traditional thinking in organisations and believes that the most successful organisations will be those that learn how to continuously evolve and adapt and are effective at connecting with the creative and innovative potential of their people.

Prior to joining Toll Group, Ayten was the General Manager of Information Digital and Technology, at Australia Post. Ayten has experience across government, sport, entertainment, finance, utilities and mining sectors, having worked with Australian Post, Tabcorp, IAG, Victorian Government, Powercor and BHP.

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