Ayda Shabanz

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Successful entrepreneur, property empress, model, lifestyle influencer, finance expert and thought leader, Ayda Shabanz is intelligent and engaging—able to bring the perfect mix of energy and inspiration to your next event, product launch or campaign.

She’s not just a fresh face, but a fresh voice.

Ayda is part of a new wave of successful, Australian Gen Y business owners, whose passion for their career is matched only by their determination to live their life well. A lover of travel and adventure, in her role as a lifestyle influencer Ayda is a positive force helping her generation take smart steps towards living their best life.

Despite her remarkable success, Ayda remains grounded and relatable. Her goal is to give anyone with the drive and desire to be financially successful or live better the knowledge and tools to achieve it.

She’s no stranger to a microphone, having spread her positive lifestyle, financial and investment advice in varied speaking opportunities across the country. Despite sharing the stage with some of the biggest names, like Roxy Jacenko and Alyce Tran, Ayda captivates her audience and leaves them truly inspired.

Ayda is regularly featured in the Australian Financial Review, Yahoo Finance, Domain, Australian Property Investor, Sky News, and many more. Her confidence and charisma as a communicator cannot but leave a lasting impression on her audience.

Ayda’s positive outlook and boundless energy for life has helped her build a loyal following, making her the ideal representative for lifestyle, travel and business brands. Her fierce independence makes her a role model with a wide appeal.

But, don’t let her upbeat personality fool you. Through her leadership at her companies Grow Property Group, Newstead Realty and Grow Lending and Finance, she’s developed a reputation as one of Australia’s sharpest and most respected minds in finance and real estate.

Passionate, enthusiastic and relatable, Ayda is someone who genuinely cares about people, and is devoted to helping them find their confidence by gaining the knowledge and the tools to succeed in business, or in life.

Whether you’re looking for a female entrepreneur who can inspire, a savvy advisor in the world of property, business or finance, or a passionate brand ambassador for your beauty, health, travel or wellbeing product, Ayda promises to deliver inspiration, insights and passion with maximum engagement.

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