Our not-for-profit organisation needs your support, presence and voice to help promote change in our industry, support for our female workforce, and promotion of thought leadership.

In addition, we believe we can help you advance your diversity agenda, attract new talent for your teams, and highlight your great efforts to your peers and the community.

Promote Your Brand

  • Our events attract the attention of thousands of people every year.
  • As a community and industry focused organisation, we can help you increase your exposure through our website, social media, and a variety of programs and events.

Attract & Recruit

  • Be seen as an employer of choice for new talent entering our industry.
  • Build the diversity of your organisation, and increase your talent pipeline, with access to a community of amazing women.

Develop & Retain

  • Remain an employer of choice for your staff, and increase the support network available to them.
  • Provide career development pathways and rewarding ways for staff to give back to their industry.

Mentor & Lead

  • Showcase your “ceiling breakers”, senior female leaders, and executive diversity.
  • Through mentorship, groom the next wave of amazing women and future leaders.
  • Opportunity to speak at events and have your corporate leadership profile promoted.

We offer several tiers of sponsorship across our individual award-winning programs, ranging from $750 to $35,000. We can also offer cross-program and custom sponsorship packages to suit your organisation’s needs and goals. If you would like to speak with us about sponsorship opportunities, or would like a copy of our sponsorship prospectus, please contact us at [email protected]


We encourage you to first consider sponsorship of your own organisation and staff. Your corporate membership demonstrates support of executive and industry participation in, and commitment to, gender diversity and a balanced workforce.

For more information, please visit the Membership page


Corporate Program

Without our members we don’t have a purpose or have reached gender parity in IT. We believe we have a strong and shared purpose delivered through a range of programs and the interest in the industry and our members validates this. But we are a long way off having gender equity so we encourage all members to get actively involved across all aspects of our programs

  • Speaking at events

  • Becoming a mentee

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Spreading the word

  • Blogging