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What’s Hot in Tech is Vic ICT for Women event that delivers an evening of networking & discussion to connect with Technology leaders who are disrupting the way we live, work, interact and transact through technology innovation.

We create engaging thought leadership panels for an evening of discussion, designed to give you new insights into the hottest topics of the day.

Meet leaders from start-ups to large enterprises who are creating the technologies and championing opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

These evenings are designed to foster networking and shared discussion, providing the opportunity to network while discussing interesting and emerging trends in the IT industry.

Our panels include
entrepreneurs, accelerators, venture funds and corporate innovators.


    The following industry leaders will guide this event discussion:

    Hugo Richards, Co-Founder & CEO – Dystech 

    Dystech is the fastest growing, most accessible assessment tool for predicting an accurate probability of dyslexia and dysgraphia in children aged 8 years old and upwards.

    Hugo is passionate about using image recognition and natural language processing techniques to positively impact people around the world. 

    Jenny Campbell, Head of Centre of Excellence APAC, Oracle Corporation

    Jenny Campbell works to exceed the customer experience and marketing potential of Asia Pacific’s most prestigious higher educational institutes by applying the latest and greatest technology.

    Jenny is formidable in delivering world-class experiences, essential to succeeding in a truly global and increasingly digital marketplace.

    Pete Crawford, Director of Data – Versent

     Pete leads data strategy, transformation and governance over digital platforms, data science and AI capabilities. He is experienced in forming and leading teams to deliver business outcomes through advanced analytics, continuous learning and collaborative ways of working.

    Paola Oliva-Altamarino – Principal Data Scientist at SmartyGrants/Our Community Innovation Lab

    Paola is research scientist with strong experience in data collection and analysis, visualization, modelling and product building. She is committed to social inclusion and always seeking to contribute to a greater good.
    Paola holds a PhD in Astrophysics. After one postdoctoral Position at Swinburne University,  she transitioned into Data Science in the Australian social sector. She is now passionate towards data intelligence, business understanding and Not-for-Profit entrepreneurship.

    Akanksha Malik – Microsoft AI MVP, Snr Data and AI Consultant at Velrada, Director at Women Who Code

    Akanksha is a data enthusiast and master of many. She is currently a Senior Data and AI Consultant for Velrada, a global Microsoft business and technology integrator.

    She is also the Network Director for Women Who Code, a global non-profit which consists of over 200,000 members around the world, and located in 70 cities, each representing a Network within 20 countries.

    Alongside these, Akanksha also proudly holds a ‘Microsoft MVP Award’ for Artificial Intelligence.



    Tech experts sound the alarm on what you should know about Artificial Intelligence (AI), ethics and everything in between

    What’s Hot in Tech are proud to deliver our major event of the year – ‘Our Tech Dilemma’. In this event we will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology is challenging the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.

    As we lean on technology, how will our moral principles be shaped and defined and will this change our own personal behaviours? How will we interact with and trust tech in the future? How will this question our ethical standards? Do we have an obligation to protect individual behaviours and principles, or should we decide how everyone will view and interact with the world?

    What’s Hot in Tech is a leading innovative tech event within the Victorian STEAM community. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to bring industry leaders together in an intimate format, with innovators, specialists, change agents and leaders of tomorrow.
    This in-person event (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) will continue our unique round table experience, allowing you connect and immerse yourself with industry leaders in a more intimate format – perfect for networking and getting your questions answered!

    In this event, you will experience the following:

    • Dedicated network opportunities at the beginning of the event, middle and end of the event
    • Keynote presentation from a leading industry expert in the domain of ethics and AI
    • Round-table format intimate 15 min discussions with industry experts
    • Panel discussion and open mic with all guest speakers
    • Food, drink and prizes to be won!

    Date: September 23, 2021 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM AEST

    Venue: Virtual, link via Zoom

    Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

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