Women in tech are a smart lot, working as developers, analysts, programmers and everything in between. However, while some can code in a number of complex languages and have all the smarts in the world, many struggle with how to progress into leadership positions.

And, quite frankly, this does not compute. Vic ICT for Women is the professional organisation that is putting a rocket up the industry and creating epic pathways for women in tech leadership.


We are working the diversity agenda from the top down. We are mentoring, training and connecting our individual members. We are inspiring women of all ages to enter, stay in and upskill in an amazing industry.

We have pioneered award-winning and record-breaking programs that mean we’re rolling our sleeves up and getting seriously dirty about diversity in tech. Here are just a few of our ground-breaking programs, so visit our website to see them all.

Individual Membership

$200 per year

Highly recognised in Victoria as the professional body which supports women in their ICT careers, joining Vic ICT for Women will help support your career development within the industry. You will have the opportunity to be mentored by those within the industry, meet like-minded people, and have the chance to learn some of the latest thinking within our industry.

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Associate Membership

$50 per year

By becoming an associate member, you become part of the leading community that supports women within the ICT industry.

This category is open to students, or anyone with a professional interest in the ICT industry but is currently not working within the industry. Enjoy the benefits of being a member and the many opportunities to volunteer and participate in our programs, meet potential employers and network with others in the industry.

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