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About Us

Meet Vic ICT for Women

At Vic ICT for Women we are passionate about getting more women into ICT and encouraging them excel, keep exploring and expanding their potential. We believe ICT offers great career opportunities and options for women and we seek to actively demonstrate this to all ages, starting with schoolgirls all the way to working with industry leaders to shape the future and the thinking. Our vision is “More women in the tech World”. Click Here to find out more about our programs.


    To attract young women into STEAM careers, Go Girl Go For IT is our record-breaking program for high-school age girls. We deliver a showcase of tech careers designed to put stars in their eyes and future salaries in their pockets

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    When it comes to starting careers, Go Grad helps STEAM grads with career planning and networking. Women are often the only 'chick on the crew' in their careers so we give them a network that will have their backs


    We're all about keeping women in their chosen careers. Our programmes, Importance of Women in IT and What's Hot in IT provide career insights and networking to give them the edge


    When you're steaming along (see what we did there?!?) in your career, mentors are key. Our Go Grow mentoring programme connects mentors and mentees to really move careers along

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    Get bold. Our #BOLDmoves program is where we deliver on the big picture. Our groundbreaking White Paper told the real story of diversity in STEAM careers

About Vic ICT 4 Women

Vic ICT for Women is the professional organisation that is putting a rocket up the industry and creating epic pathways for women in tech leadership. We are the voice of leadership.

How do we do this? We are working the diversity agenda from the top down. We are mentoring, training and connecting our individual members. We have pioneered award-winning and record-breaking programs that mean we’re rolling our sleeves up and getting seriously dirty about diversity in tech.

Our full name is The Victorian Information Communication Technology for Women Network (Vic ICT for Women), we are inclusive and out to make change.

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Why so important?

Despite 70% growth of ICT jobs since 1996, women account for only 16% of ICT roles and only 1% of the total female employed population are employed in ICT roles. The percentage of female technology graduates has also been in decline since 1989.

We are about facilitating entry, holding up retention and driving progression for women working in ICT.

We are a critical link between government, business, the education sector and other industry associations to collaborate, and influence the direction of ICT in Victoria.

Our Constitution

Victorian Women in ICT Network Incorporated is an incorporated association registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

We provide annual information statements and financial reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria, and to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 65 996 228 535

Read our constitution here:

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Chris Skipper-Conway, CHAIR

My agenda is to see Australia have access to a more balanced and diverse workforce to ensure we have an IT industry in the future. I am a passionate advocate of equal opportunity having grown up in South Africa at a time when minority groups were privileged and an overwhelming proportion of the general population was discriminated against. 


Sigal is a senior finance executive (CFO/COO) and a Non-Executive Director with experience across a range of industries and business environments. She has spent the last decade building and leading strong, capable teams in fast-growing tech companies. Her highly skilled and engaged teams help companies grow, scale, and cope with difficult challenges. She possesses excellent technical, commercial, and analytical skills and enjoys fast-paced, complex environments. Sigal is VICICT4W’s Treasurer and a Board Member. She passionately believes that intersectional diversity is not only just, but also a key ingredient for organisational performance. Sigal holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a Bachelor in Accounting and Economics from Jerusalem University. She is a member of CPA Australia and the AICD.


Louiza is a Board Member for Vic ICT for Women, Director of our "Go Girl, Go for IT" program and also the Head of Technology Practices and Capability for MLC Life Insurance. She is passionate about creating positive team environments to deliver high quality, human centric solutions. Raised by parents who were ‘gender blind’, she feels passionate about gender diversity and equality. Louiza has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years and is frequently the only woman in the meeting room. She is strongly committed to being part of the solution, raising awareness within the workforce and amongst her social groups. She is an enthusiastic innovator and problem solver and enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to new problems. Louiza spends her spare time participating in fitness activities such as going to the gym, cycling, hiking, running and anything else fun and/or challenging which comes her way. Louiza is also the co-owner of TripFit Adventures, a company which takes Melbournians and visitors out for team building, social events or exploration adventures for fun, active days around Melbourne and surrounds.


Caroline Stainkamph has extensive leadership experience over 18+ years building large-scale, global, highly-engaged teams who focus on the right things. With a wealth of experience in technology over 30 years, she defines and aligns technology strategy to what the business needs and leads technology teams to drive efficiencies or enable new revenue. She combines strong financial acumen with high emotional intelligence to drive and embed strategic change that really sticks. With a background spanning technology, product development, financial services, digital, IPOs, operations, program & change management, risk & governance, organisational development and people development, she provides deep insights and brings a strong understanding of strategy that works. Caroline combines her purpose of inspiring others to be their best with her strength of relationship building to successfully run the Importance of Women in IT breakfast program..


Nicky is a Vic ICT for Women Associate Board Member and Co-Director of the ‘What’s Hot in Tech’ Program. Nicky utilises her background in consulting and technology as well as her MBA as founder and Director of Work Management Australia a technology consultancy and solutions partner for Agencies, Marketing and IT project teams.


Koula has worked in a variety of IT roles spanning over 15 years, predominantly in the energy and higher education sectors. She’s currently working as a Project Manager in the Infrastructure Services – Research Platform Services division at The University of Melbourne. Koula is passionate about giving back to the community and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Koula is currently on Leave Of Absence.


Ayten is an innovative leader who focuses on culture to deliver enduring business results, she works collaboratively to build high performing teams, pioneer new ways of working, and turn around problem areas. Ayten challenges traditional thinking in organisations and believes that the most successful organisations will be those that learn how to continuously evolve and adapt and are effective at connecting with the creative and innovative potential of their people.


Jess is a tech savvy business consultant with over 15 years of experience and an MBA in Leadership and Innovation. Jess has worked as a Senior Technical Consultant, a Microsoft Systems Engineer, a Technical Trainer, a Program Manager, Business Development Consultant and a Chief Parenting Officer. Jess is committed to a more gender balanced workforce in the technology sector and is VIC ICT for Women’s Mentor Program Director. Jess currently works at Accenture consulting with clients on delivering technology infrastructure solutions in the cloud providing service excellence.


Elizabeth Mulhall has built her career working in technology driven organisations, from established to startup, at the intersection of Digital Transformation, Capital Investment and company Operations. Elizabeth works with Boards, CEOs and Executive teams to operationalise strategies whilst optimising; Return on Investment, Revenue Opportunities, and Operational Efficiency. Also writing as the ‘The Tech COO’ she is personally passionate about leading teams, she focuses on taking people on the journey, as well as developing individuals.


Sara is an ex-neuroscience researcher turned IT Project, Program and Operations Manager at the University of Melbourne Infrastructure Services – Research Platforms team. Sara worked on the team that build the first cloud computing service for researchers in Australia, managed the team that built the first Australian multi-omics data management system, and helped build and manage the research data management service for the University of Melbourne. Sara has been on the board of Vic ICT for Women since 2015. She was the Communications lead for Go Girl, Go for IT from 2014 - 2017, the deputy lead for Whats Hot in IT in 2015, and is now the Director of Grad Girls.


Pritida Vinod is a senior executive in operations management in Australia. She has a proven record of making substantial contributions, at the executive level, to improve quality, bottom line results and manage change in multi partner complex environments. Pritida is an active member of Women in Technology at NAB and strong promoter of diversity and inclusion. She also manages The Click List program for Vic ICT for Women..


Julie takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. She intuitively uncovers the opportunities that live in an organization, brings them together in a compelling 'big picture', helps others extend their thinking, and drives tangible business advantage. She tells stories that inspire action, while being grounded in commercial fundamentals for long term, sustainable growth. Currently the Head of Marketing APAC for San Francisco-based technology company Slack, Julie oversees the awareness and growth of the company across its fastest growing region. Over her career, Julie has led Marketing, Sales, Product and Customer Care functions for technical companies both in Australia and in the USA. She has consulted to some of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations in sectors including retail, technology, education, and financial services. Julie has a passion for the promotion of talented women into influential roles in technology industries, having been influenced heavily by the people that encouraged her (and some that marginalised her!) over the course of her career. Julie holds B.Eng (Electrical and Electronic) from The University of Melbourne and completed the General Manager Program at Harvard Business School.


Steph has worked in a variety of roles within IT, focusing on business analysis and project management. Throughout her career, Steph has actively engaged in programs that encourage diversity and the promotion and support of women in IT. Reflecting on her career in IT, Steph remembers all who gave her career opportunities and believed in her, and wants to create and provide the same opportunity for others. Now with a young family herself, Steph is passionate about reintegrating women re-entering the workforce after extended leave, and mentoring those who are early in their IT career


Each program would not exist without working committees of volunteers helping in all aspects of event and program delivery. We have lots of fun along with the work and make new friends. It’s a great opportunity to put your skills to work for a good cause or even to stretch yourself into new areas and learn. The committees we currently run are: Go Girl, Grad Girls, Mentoring, IOW, What’s Hot in IT, Bold Moves, Marketing, Governance, CRM, Finance, Membership. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees please email [email protected] with your details, including phone number and which committee you are interested in.