New list of female tech speakers aims to end male-dominated events

Event organisers who claim they ‘can’t find any women’ are fast running out of excuses, with a number of new resources opening up promoting female speaking talent.

The latest is The Click List, and comes from Vic ICT 4 Women to focus on STEM events. It’s a free resource, offering female tech speaker suggestions for those organising panel sessions and other events in the sector. It aims to expand over the coming months, and already features speakers including research scientist Dr Caitlin Byrt, Uni Super CIO Anna Leibel and AGL CIO Dayle Stevens.

I spoke to Rowena Murray, a Vic ICT 4 Women board member and key creator of the list, who told me it’s time to end the ‘all white middle-aged man’ panel.

Read the full Women’s Agenda article here:

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