Nomination News

The Click List and VIC ICT for Women teams are absolutely thrilled with the nominations that have been coming in since we started inviting people to become a part of a movement to gain a female, POC and non-binary share of voice in the STEM industry.

We wanted to post and let people know that we have received over 150 nominations in the past week or so, and we have another list of over 200 speakers that we already know and love, to invite to be a part of The Click List.

So if you have nominated, or have spoken with VICT4W in the past and are wondering if your invitation is coming by carrier pigeon, please bear with us! We’re so thrilled with the response and are getting through the nominations as quickly as we can.

If you’d like to nominate someone for The Click List, please head over here and do so!

Thank you for your patience everyone; we’re blown away.

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