2017 Mentoring Program Resources

Reference Material

The following materials can assist you in the introduction process and for on-going use during your mentor/mentee catch ups.

  • Mentoring Program Information Booklet 2017 – This describes the mentoring process in more detail, we encourage all mentors and mentees to read this booklet as it includes valuable guidance which should enhance the mentoring experience
  • Mentoring Contract – Print a copy to take to your initial meeting. We recommend you set clear goals and objectives to make the most of your mentoring experience.
  • Mentee and Mentor Commandments – These provide high level guiding principles for mentees and mentors to follow
  • Mentoring Guidance – Further guidance for people that may be new to mentoring
  • Mentoring Pack – to help you get started

Watch out for our mentoring prompts, tips and announcements on a monthly basis, these will include details of informal group catch up sessions and events around the city for those who are available to join.

The mentoring program is designed to provide multiple outcomes for both the mentor and mentee. We encourage you to fully participate in the program, enjoy it and steer it in the direction that provides the best outcomes for you and ensures that you get the most out of your time together.