Vic ICT for Women – Membership changes effective 1st October 2016

We are making changes to our membership framework to remove constraints on participation in our programs and events by bestowing membership rights to all employees of corporate members and tertiary institutions.  Corporate Memberships will be based on the relative size of the organisation and the number of women in ICT roles who will be able to avail themselves of our programs.  Students at member education institutions will also be eligible to attend our events at discounted member rates.

On 1st September 2016  all current members of Vic ICT for Women were notified via email of changes to our membership structure and fees to become effective on 1st October 2016.  For details of these changes please refer to the announcement.

Those whose membership falls due on, or before, 31st December 2016 may renew at the current rates if payment is received by 30th September.   Anyone wishing to take out a new membership may submit an online application for membership by no later than 30th September to make payment at the current membership fee.

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