The words “maybe”, “second best”, and “too hard” don’t feature in my vocabulary…

I come from a small town in South Africa, a place with amazing diversity but with an unacceptable racial divide.  I learnt at an early age to aspire to change what I thought was wrong – and if roadblocks appeared, find a way to go around.

My parents were English Catholic migrants desperate to fit in. I was always different.  I made my decision to leave family, friends and a cushy job as Assistant Accountant for Mercedes Benz in Johannesburg before I let myself conform to fit in!

I travelled, did a range of jobs overseas that would never have fitted the mould back home and met an Aussie, came to Australia and became the mother of 2 amazing children who brought a new dimension to my life – gave up the rebel and settled down – but only for a while.[/cs_text][/cs_column]


I looked for roles where I could bring my 3 passions together – Business Success, IT, and People.

If you underpin companies, and the drive for profitability and improvement, with the right people, that’s when you see success . And that’s what inspires me – the right people delivering success and loving and striving to be part of it!

I’ve been lucky enough to work in the Private and Government sectors and take on local, national and international roles.

The opportunities I have had have fuelled my drive.  However it’s been part of that striving to do more, wanting to do more for others, and never accepting the words – maybe, second best, and too hard – that makes my DNA.

I worked in Finance here and in South Africa, taking on what organisations classed as Too Hard, failed IT and business projects and pushed them to succeed – by recognising it’s the combination of people and IT that are central to the catalyst for success.

My striving to do more stopped me hesitating at Maybe about taking my career in new directions  and led me from Finance to IT, running large projects and working with teams to gain success. I moved into IT Consulting organisations where I managed teams of IT people both employees and contractors on various IT engagements.  Having gained both IT Consulting Management responsibilities and a strong understanding of IT Recruitment my joy of jumping in led my family and I to a ticket to the West Coast of America where we lived for 3 years. I lost my heart to San Francisco and working on workforce planning re-ignited my passion for diversity in the workplace and the opportunities it provides.

I returned to Australia and rebuilt an IT Service Management company supplying services to both Government and the Private Sector then sold the business for the owners. I decided to return to Recruitment to focus on the people part of my “success in IT vision”. At the same time I desperately wanted to give back to the industry and to the people – past, present and in the future – who had enabled my success.

I joined a national IT Recruitment company. But in doing so I found an old underlying issue in the IT industry that hit my hot buttons – Gender Diversity.  I decided my giving back would be championing this cause of no moreSecond Best – seeking to drive gender balance in IT through my day job and Vic ICT for Women.

Each day I am able to live this ambition. I see the rewards on three fronts:

  • working with candidates to find their ideal role. My aim is to invest time and understand each candidate and coach them. For female candidates, ensure they don’t underplay their capability and achievements. Being demure rarely ever wins anyone a job!
  • resolving a client’s IT resourcing needs
  • working with clients to achieve a blend of cultural and gender that delivers strong business results

I believe I have achieved all I have by combining my rejection of Maybe, Too Hard, and Second Best and I encourage all I encounter to do the same.


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