#TechDiversity – amplifying the voice for change


Vic ICT for Women are a proud and active contributor to the #TechDiversity initiative and the Awards that will be recognised on 4th August.

I urge you to get involved and gain recognition for the efforts you, as an individual, or as a company, are making to the IT industry in Victoria. You play a role in making the number of women in IT count by promoting Gender Diversity in IT, so turn the dial up – nominate and be noticed!

By either nominating or recommending someone for nomination, we can all celebrate together, and recognise the amazing things being done. This will encourage others to do the same, and we don’t want Women in IT to continue to be under-represented.  Working together, and participating in #TechDiversity, we can turn the tide by having women in IT heard, and counted.[/cs_text]

  • Media Release

    Introducing #TechDiversity – amplifying the voice for change.

  • #TechDiversity Awards

    Seeking leaders and champions of diversity in the digital technology sector.

  • Submit a Nomination

    We are seeking nominations (or self-nominations) for individuals and groups who have demonstrated diversity leadership.


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