Go Girl, Go for IT

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Why Go Girl?

The last years of secondary school are important for thinking about what careers students can consider. However the declining number of females studying business/IT or IT at a tertiary level indicates that too many girls just aren't aware of the opportunities a career in IT can bring - or the important skills they have to bring to this industry. The Go Girl, Go for IT program presents an opportunity in a single day session to experience the incredible range of vocational avenues that are available in IT.  This program is held every two years and the next event will be held on 16th August, 2016 at Deakin University, Burwood Campus. The Go Girl 2016 Steering Committee is calling for enthusiastic volunteers to assist in shaping, organising and running Go Girl 2016.  Volunteers must be able to commit 4-5 hours “hands on” per week leading up to the event and must be available to attend the entire Go Girl event. Register your interest now in being part of Go Girl 2016’s volunteer brigade.

What will happen at the Go Girl event?

At Go Girl, Go for IT students will hear from and have the opportunity to talk to talented young role models who are living their dream career in IT. There will be access to a wealth of information that will assist your students in making informed IT career decisions. The day also includes a series of interactive presentations, a tradeshow where girls can talk in person to companies as well as lunchtime entertainment. The program is focused around four streams all referring to the theme of 'Behind the scenes'. Once registered, streams and seating are allocated and students must remain with their teachers within that stream for the duration of the day. A confirmation pack is posted to the coordinator with details on parking, registered program information, catering and other facility details and requirements.

Who should attend?

The event is open to all high school girls from years 8 to 11 and we encourage all students to attend regardless of the subjects they are currently studying. It is also recommended that the following teachers/advisors attend:
  • Year 7 to 12 and Advisors
  • Careers Advisors
  • ICT Subject Teachers
  • Business Subject Teachers
Attendance at this event is free and schools may apply for reimbursement of transport costs. Find out more about 2016's Go Girl, Go for IT