“Men vastly outnumber women as managers and senior leaders, so when they avoid, ice out, or exclude women, we pay the price ”
– Sheryl Sandberg

Mentoring is vital to the success and retention of women working in tech. We all benefit when someone shows us the ropes and sponsors us for new opportunities, particularly when they’re more senior, 
With 28% of women representing the tech sector (44% compared to other industries) mentoring offers a solution to help women overcome any barriers to a successful and fulfilling career. 
The VIC ICT for Women mentor(SHE:) Program is truly unique and aims to support the retention of women working in the tech sector. 
The program is designed to build confidence, provide networking opportunities, and facilitate professional development.

Enrollment to the program provides,

  • Access to an external mentor
  • Industry experience
  • Expert advice
  • Inspire leadership
  • Alternative perspective
  • Break through barriers
  • Networking

Although the program is aimed at women working in technology focused roles, it’s evident that more women today are joining the program to obtain guidance on how to manage broader career challenges such as maintaining a better work/life balance, dealing with workplace conflicts, leadership and executive progression and career changes. This program provides an open forum to discuss these challenges.

The program runs each year, throughout 10-month period kicking off with a mentor match process and then offering several events and educational resources along the way. The aim is for expert, experienced tech professionals to pay it forward and nurture other female tech professionals. From graduates to women re-entering the tech workforce after a period out, or those just wanting to jump-start their careers.


Registrations for the 2018 mentor(SHE:) program have closed. Please register your interests for next year by sending us an email here – [email protected]
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The VIC ICT for Women mentor(SHE:) program is fully operated and run by volunteers. Passionate Women and men who no longer want to see an imbalanced workforce and give up their time to commit to the program. Please be patient if you experience delays in response – we will get there!

The mentor(SHE:) Program Director- Jessica Bircsak


Jessica has been a board member for VIC ICT for Women for 4 years, and is passionate about what the mentor(SHE:) program can offer women working in tech. Jessica is an experienced mentor, speaker and currently works a consultant for a large technology firm. Jess is always on the lookout for passionate volunteers to help out with the program, if you would like to join the mentor(SHE:) program committee , please email us at [email protected].


Once you’ve registered at the link above, you can pay your fee using the PayPal button below.

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The 2018 mentor(SHE:) program is proud to have AGL as a platinum sponsor of the program. Our mentoring ambassador Dayle Stevens, CIO at AGL, is a supporter of mentoring, and a key contributor of women in tech.

Dayle says,  “That’s the thing about mentoring, not only does it work, it gets results for both the mentee and mentor.”
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