Grad Girls is a program run by Vic ICT for Women which supports female student’s transition from their academic life to the start of their professional life. This program is being revamped throughout 2017 and will run every year beginning early 2018.

The main objective of this program is to provide resources and support to female students in taking their first step in their career – whether that is going directly to industry, small business, and start-ups or in a research or academic role.

This program is a 1 year program for female students in the penultimate year of the undergraduate degree running from February to October. Monthly sessions hosted at sponsor locations throughout Melbourne between February – May and July to October.

Each session will provide sponsors/partners the opportunity to give a tour of their location, present and talk about the exciting things they do in the IT and tech industry, and provide insight on what they look for in their graduate program (if they have one) and/or in their technical roles. Sessions will also have discussions on softs skills such as branding yourself, creating your first CV, and Linked In profile, and how to make the choice between industry and academia. Each session will also have time for networking.

Ultimately, the participants will walk away with the ability to make informed decision about the next step in their career paths and the start of their professional network.

To find out more about this program and if you can become a sponsor or to get involved planning please contact Sara Ogston.