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Chris has over 20 years experience in managing, developing and maturing client focused service organisations both in Australia and overseas.  Chris’ focus on business growth and innovation has been integral to the successful sale of two local Australian businesses – Computer Power Group (CPG) sold, early 2000, to Spherion a US company, and in 2008 the sale of ATI to CSG, an Australian based Managed Services Company – creating both business and staff opportunities.  The sales were largely based on having an established, unique, highly sought after capability with existing profitable long term contracts and, in one instance, providing a global footprint. In June 2010 Chris returned to the recruitment industry to follow one of her passions – business growth through engaging the right people.

At GMT Recruitment Chris is part of the leadership team responsible for building and leading the Victorian Division – a strategic part of GMT’s National Recruitment’s solution.  During the short time Chris has held the GMT Melbourne General Manager role she has been active in the growth of the business, set the leadership standards in a number of key areas in recruitment such as participation in Vic ICT for Women, Chairperson for the ITCRA in Victoria and a strong supporter of formal Project Management forums such as PMI. Chris works with her team to deliver a highly valued recruitment solution that balances both the needs of the candidates and the clients.  The outcome is the delivery of a superior IT resource solution balancing the clients’ resource needs with both just-in-time and permanent staff, aligned to organisational business deliverables and culture, while at the same time meeting gender and diversity considerations.  For the candidates, GMT provides an individualized/personalised service that carefully seeks out engagements to enhance the candidates experiences and track record, capability and future career options – this creates a pedigree of highly sought after candidate contacts.

Previously as ATI’s CEO, Chris was responsible for the delivery of the Managed Print Services offering focused on reducing costs and resource effort, improved productivity and reduced environmental impact.  Chris established the methodology and managed staff responsible for implementation and delivering to ATI’s key clients such as CSIRO, Treasury and the ATO.  Chris’ role was to guide the staff in defining and delivering a truly unique client centric value proposition – solutions based document output management services to mid to large organizations.  She ensured that superior customer satisfaction was supported by achievements against contracted Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements whilst delivering reduced costs, increased end user productivity and green initiatives.

Chris commenced her career in Johannesburg South Africa as an Accountant for Mercedes Benz.  Chris migrated to Australia, working with a local Accounting firm in Canberra before moving to the Banking Sector.  Here she designed and implemented new initiatives for the bank to facilitate entry level buyers to entering the housing market whilst also launching Canberra’s ATM facilities.  Chris then joined the Public Service working on improving IT systems and services.  This was successful and a Bureau Service was launched for pooling IT mainframe resources for Federal Government Departments.

Chris returned to the Private Sector where she was part of CPG, an Australian IT Consulting and Recruitment company, managing significant client accounts including Defence.  Chris then took on the General Manager role responsible for recruitment in Canberra growing the business to become the largest Canberra employment agency.  During this time she developed and implemented the first Australian in-sourced recruitment initiative for Government, which still successfully exists today.

CPG was purchased by Interim (later known as Spherion) and Chris was seconded to Area Vice President for the West Coast of America with responsibility for all Recruitment and IT Consulting.  While in America Chris joined BrassRing, the leader in Human Resources Consulting Systems and successfully created a recruitment consulting division and won the company their first in-sourced Recruitment Consulting assignment in the US.

Upon Chris’ return to Australia in 2003 she had the CEO responsibility for ATI.  In 2008 Chris successfully positioned and sold ATI to the larger publically listed CSG to facilitate the growth and capability she envisaged for ATI’s future. Following the transition of the business to CSG Chris has returned to her original passion – strong business results through having the right people.  Chris’ appointment by GMT Recruitment will allow her to achieve this through IT recruitment.

Chris’ achievements have resulted in her gaining a great deal of respect both at a client and industry level.  Her success in delivering innovative service related assignments predicated on clients’ business outcomes have resulted in both Chris and the organisations she has been responsible for becoming the leaders in the industry.