Board Vacancies – Nominations close on 14 November

Eight Board Members of Vic ICT for Women will complete their two-year terms at the 2016 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 7th December.   Chris Skipper-Conway, Irene Evgeniadis and Ayten Ozenc wish to remain on the Board to enable them to continue with initiatives already under way.  We wish to thank Jim Cassidy, Emily Edgeley, Seonaid Porter, Priya RavindraJennifer Rayson and Belinda Weibye for their amazing contributions across a number of programs and portfolios over their time on our Board and look forward to their continued support as members of Vic ICT for Women. We are now seeking nominations to fill these vacancies and take on leadership roles to help us grow and enrich our programs and offerings.  We are looking for candidates with passion, vision and energy who are willing to take responsibility for particular programs or portfolios, or lead new initiatives to assist the entry, retention and progression of women in ICT. Click here for further information and submission of nominations.

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