Monthly Archives: August 2016

Making Maternity Leave Work – webinar

Lisa Cutler conducted interviews with a number of women about their maternity leave experience and advice for other women. While providing crucial tips on what to do before, during and after maternity leave, Lisa’s interviewees talked openly and honestly about the stresses, joys, expectations and disappointments of this important period of their lives. Lisa has collated […]

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Volunteers needed

Importance of Women in IT is one of Vic ICT for Women’s most successful programs.  This series of breakfast seminars features speakers from a broad range of business and entrepreneurial backgrounds who share their experiences, initiatives and challenges for women in IT.  Importance of Women (IOW) events run monthly from February through to November, sponsored by IBM and hosted by PwC at […]

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What’s the #DIF?

Join in and celebrate the ‘Victorian Difference’ that drives industry, entrepreneurs and students to not only be different but make a difference through digital technology.  The Festival runs for 12 days across Victoria from 26 August to 9 September. Go to for more details

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