Monthly Archives: October 2014

High Demand for Women in IT

The lack of women in IT roles is leading some firms to favour highly qualified female applicants over their male competitors in a bid to better spread opportunity and drive workplace diversity.

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The Leadership Hackathon

On Thursday 2nd October 2014, 100 leaders from Australia’s top Corporates and their suppliers came together to develop innovative new ideas to significantly increase the number of women in tech careers. Guided by some of Melbourne’s most creative facilitators, the evening unleashed the minds of a lively cross section of men and women working within the key fields that shape IT career paths; finance, procurement, recruitment, education, IT Operations, HR and professional services.

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The results? Awesome turned up to 11!

We captured all the amazing energy in the room, the light bulb moments, the joy of community, and that moment where you realise, you are not alone with a specific problem. Watch all the YouTube clips on our Leadership Hacks channel.

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